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While we are primarily a consulting services organization, we are also working on productizing a new set of analytic algorithms specifically designed around the Science of Influence and utilizing Social Data Mining for innovative applications of recommendation engine technology.

PsychMiningTM is a new technique of mining large amounts of Unstructured, and Semi-Structured Data.  Typically we apply our methods to Social Media Data and linked to other Marketing or Sales data sources to find patterns of social discussion language and correlations with objective measurable behaviors.

We apply world-class Big Data Analytic techniques and combine them with our proprietary, patent pending, Semantic, Psychographic and Linguistic profiling algorithms.

Applying PsychMiningTM techniques provides insight into new patterns about current and potential customers.  Our technology provides you new ways of thinking about your Social Media marketing activities and measure outcomes against objective data.

And, we provide the means to engage your current and future customers in a meaningful, authentic way in the social domain and/or in more optimized shopping experience. 

Think of how great it would be to be able to submit the message you want to a system that tells you what group of people to send it to, when, what tone to use, and even what micro-lingustic patterns (i.e. slang or idoms) to use in different micro-markets.

Utilizing this same technology can supply recommendations based on Social analysis well as intra/inter Store of people and items.  This new offering can provide the same types of linguistic and social influence to recommendations that impressive results.

We'll be launching our products soon so stay tuned...

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