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Here at PsychMining, LLC, we focus on many of the issues that new product lines or start-ups face when dealing with the plethora of technological choices. 

You want to get your ideas to market fast, utilizing the best of breed Open Source technology where possible and identify buy vs build decisions objectively.

In today's highly dynamic environments both client side (Web, Mobile, Tablets, Kiosks, etc.) and Server Side (Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Colo, etc.), you want a partner who has the experience to not just design an app that looks great, but has experience in hardware sourcing, and going to production for scale, security and up-time.

Your applications need to be designed with an objective of understanding your users, and using that understanding to provide your business owners with data for Decision Support in Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Capacity Planning, etc.

Finally, your applications MUST contain an element that will draw customers back and influence them in ways that affect far more than just their content / ad preferences.  You want something that influences customers across the spectrum of Recommendation (User-Based, Item-Based, Linguistic and Psychographic). 

The technology and services we can bring to bear will help you, your customers and your marketing team communicate on a whole new level whether it is brand-centric, product-centric or social.

Below are some of the services PsychMining, LLC offers;
  • Technology Due Diligence for Angels, VCs and Companies
  • Interim CTO and VP Engineering Services
  • Technology Evaluation, Design and Implementation Consultants for;
    • Scalable, Highly Available and Secure Consumer or Enterprise Web and Mobile Apps
    • Applications involving specialized devices (i.e. Kiosks, Tablets, etc.)
    • Enterprise Platforms for unifying complex integrations with heterogeneous technologies.
    • Device Management and Monitoring for specialized devices or remotely deployed apps.
    • Event Stream Processing with Real-time Analytics and Notification
    • Large Unstructured Data Mining and Analytics including Sementic, Sentiment and SME Analysis
    • Machine Learning utilizing highly scalable Open Source Projects (Mahout, Hadoop, NTLK)
      • User and Item Based Collaborative Filtering (Recommendation Engines)
      • Clustering
      • Classification
      • Question Generation and Question Tree Traversal
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